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10 Children's Books That Celebrate Black Voices

By Beaming Books January 27, 2023

Children learn about the world through books, and it's important that all kids are able to see..

8 Kids Books That Use Animals to Teach Social-Emotional Learning

By Beaming Books January 3, 2023

Whether at home or in the classroom, it's important that we equip kids with the tools they need to..

11 Inspiring Nonfiction Picture Books for Kids

By Beaming Books July 14, 2022

Everyone loves a good story, especially kids! And some of the best stories are the true stories..

6 Books to Empower Kids to Be Their Truest Selves

By Beaming Books June 1, 2022

At Beaming Books, we celebrate our LGBTQ+ authors and LGBTQ+ stories during Pride month and all..

10 Kids Books on Mental Health and Mindfulness

By Beaming Books May 1, 2022

Our mental health affects every aspect of our lives, and this has become even more evident during..

15 Children's Books that Celebrate Diversity

By Beaming Books January 25, 2022

We are each called to lead change and fight for justice. This important work starts in our homes..


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