Make Your Own Pop-Up Nativity Scene Card!

Nov 16, 2016 7:24:50 AM / by Beaming Books


One of our favorite Christmas books is The Birth of Jesus: A Christmas Pop-Up Book. The illustrations, created by world-renowned illustrator and paper engineer Agostino Traini, create not only a faith-inspired book but also a special keepsake to display on your coffee table.

BB The birth of jesus

Explore The Birth of Jesus: A Christmas Pop-Up Book

As we prepare for Christmas, the team at Beaming Books has created a series of video tutorials in the spirit of this delightful pop-up book. Watch this video to learn how to make pop-up Christmas cards with your children; this one features a Nativity scene. 



Looking for more pop-up fun? Here is another tutorial that demonstrates how you and your children can make pop-up Christmas cards featuring a stack of gifts..

If you love the art from The Birth of Jesus: A Christmas Pop-Up Book, check out the new Advent calendar Traini has also designed. It’s perfect for preparing for Christmas as a family! Learn more about The Birth of Jesus Advent Calendar and Nativity Scene.  

Originally Published 11/16/2016

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