Learning to Hear God's Voice as a Parent

Aug 1, 2017 2:03:52 AM / by Carolyn Bedford

Before your child can ever utter an intelligible sentence, they can comprehend much more than their tongue and brain are able to reciprocate. They know how to interpret your words, gestures, and expressions. Your baby is wired to communicate, and their ability to do so grows every day.

The same is true of your relationship with God: you are wired for communication. You express yourself to God through prayer, song, or meditation. And while you’ve been assured that God speaks clearly through the Scriptures, you might be hungry to deepen your communication with the One who loves you. Consider experimenting with different practices this month.

Read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, beginning in the fifth chapter of Matthew. But instead of powering through it, stop whenever you sense a word meant for you. You might begin with the first verse—“Now when Jesus saw the crowds”—and pause after just that first phrase! In those words, you might hear the gentle whisper of Jesus saying, “I see you.” This method can help you discern God’s voice.

You also might read a whole chapter of Scripture and prayerfully ask God what word is in it for you. It might be a sentence or phrase that God brings alive in your heart, or it could be a single word like mercy. Hang onto the word or words the Holy Spirit gives you as the living voice of God speaking to your heart.

You have been divinely wired to speak to and hear from God. As you experiment with your listening, your fluency and receptivity will grow!

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Originally Published 8/01/2017

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Carolyn Bedford

Written by Carolyn Bedford

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