Family Fun for the 4th of July

Jun 29, 2017 3:00:15 AM / by Beaming Books

The picnic is planned, everyone's dishes are assigned, and you've dug out all the red, white, and blue table decor out of storage. Now, there's just one small detail remaining: The kids.

If you want to enjoy a few minutes of adult conversation this weekend, it can be helpful to have a few organized activities to keep the kids engaged and having fun in their own space. Here's a fantastic library of kids' games that can be easily set up and require few materials--many of which, gratefully, can be thrown together at the last minute.

4th of July Resources for Kids Activities:

  1. Readers Digest. Who knew that this traditional coffee table magazine had such a fun collection of Fourth of July games? The 20 listed here include Red, White, and Blue Tag and an Uncle Sam Hat Decorating Competition.
  2. She Knows. Moms know. That's why this fantastic list of fun 4th activities includes Water Balloon Dodgeball and Squirt Tag. Have fun and stay cool with some of these mommy-selected favs.
  3. Better Homes and Gardens. This oldie, but goodie delivers ideas for 4th of July inspired races and conventional field day activities like Tug-of-War.
  4. Pinterest. Don't forget all your pins! These ones have pics and instructions for everything from Candy Ball (a saran wrapped ball of candy) to a full-fledged Family Olympics.
  5. Mess for Less. You'll love this 4th of July inspired paddle ball game where kids make simple paddles from paper plates and sticks.

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Originally Published 6/29/2017

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