Adding Faith to Your Daily Routines

Jul 18, 2017 3:15:35 AM / by Carolyn Bedford

Routines are an important part of parenting a little one. From a morning routine, a nap-time routine, to a bedtime routine, we work hard at each in order to allow our child to develop in age-appropriate ways both physically and mentally.

Routines are proven to allow a child to feel more secure in the world as well as develop self-discipline. Kids go through a lot of change – learning new skills, making new friends, mom and/or dad going back to work – and have one thing they feel in control of can help them develop a sense of mastery over their own lives.

It’s good to add different routines as a child grows, such as the simple routine of getting ready for dinner. When a child is old enough this routine can involve helping prepare the meal, washing his or her hands, setting the table, and saying a prayer before eating.

Most routines don’t begin into a child is a toddler – a perfect exception to this rule is a bedtime routine! While this routine may change a bit, once they are 1 – 2 years old, having a set routine before bed can help make them fall asleep more easily.

Faith and reading are both important aspects to incorporate into your routines throughout the day because it will help children relate them both to feeling secure. It will also help them look forward to both of these aspects of their lives because children tend to look forward to each of their routines during the day.

Good Night: A Toddler’s Bedtime Prayer (available today!) is a charming board book that can easily fit right into your bedtime routine. During this calming and adorable book children will give thanks to family, friends, nature and more as they say good night.

Praise for Good Night:

"Nathalie Dieterlé’s soft watercolors reflect the gentle light of the setting sun and emerging stars next to a simply worded, thoughtful rhyme, perfect for reciting together or embellishing. " -- Foreword Reviews

“…bright-eyed animals and humans suggest a safe and welcoming world.” – Publishers Weekly 


Originally Published 7/18/2017

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Carolyn Bedford

Written by Carolyn Bedford

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