The Courageous Kids of the Bible

As a parent, it can be overwhelming to think about reading the Bible with your kids. It may feel like a daunting task, but kids benefit from a time of togetherness and Bible reading—and no theology degree is needed on your part. To help make studying God’s Word together as a family fun and easy, we created a free monthly downloadable Bible Reading Plan. Each month, the plan includes discussion questions, activity suggestions, and a prayer to say together.

In May, our Bible Reading Plan explores how God calls kids to do big things. From Samuel to David, readers will discover the ways God worked through kids—and how he is calling THEM to do big things too!

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Here are the upcoming themes your family will explore:

June* Splashy Stories in the Bible
July* Road Trip!
August* Women of the New Testament
September Animals in the Bible
October Amazing Stories in the Bible
November Parables of Jesus
December The Story of Christmas

*These months will include a more robust plan to help kids stay busy during the summer months.

Originally Published 4/25/2017