Staff Picks: Books We Love

Here at Sparkhouse Family, we are so lucky to have AMAZING staff members who help create the books that end up in your kids’ hands. Today I asked each of them what their favorite book from Sparkhouse Family is and why. Let’s see what they had to say:

Carolyn Bedford, Assistant Product Marketer

Carolyn’s pick: Maybe God is Like That Too

Why: I love that this book helps with understanding how to find God in everyday people. I believe that when you see someone being kind, selfless, etc. that you are seeing God. This is a book that is a touching reminder for parents as they read it aloud to their children. This book always makes me tear up a little bit!

Rachel Zugschwert, Director of Marketing

Rachel’s pick: Search and Find in the Bible

Why: It’s like a cross between Calvin & Hobbes and Where’s Waldo, but with Bible stories. The sparse text and pictures of the things you’re supposed to be searching for make it work for pre-readers, but some of the things are hidden really well which makes it engaging for older kids (or adults!). It’s just fun.

Naomi Krueger, Development Editor, Books

Naomi’s pick: Adriana’s Angels

Why: I love so much about this book! The art is amazing, the story is beautiful and poignant, and the overall message is something I am proud that we are publishing. In the book, two angels watch over a little girl named Adriana who is forced to flee her home in Colombia with her family and find safety and a new life in America. Through it all, the angels whisper messages from God to Adriana, to remind her that she is loved and cared for. There are over 65.5 million people around the world who have been forced to leave their homes and certainly God loves and cares for every single one. This book is a good reminder to us of God’s great love and compassion for people in difficult situations and it reminds me to extend that kind of love and compassion to newcomers in my own community. I love this book and I can’t wait to see it in the hands of children!

Bryan Bliss, Developer

Bryan’s pick:: Don’t Forget to Flush

Why: I hesitate to say that my sense of humor hasn’t evolved since I was 12…but that might be the case. In all seriousness, Don’t Forget to Flush is an anomaly in the world of Christian publishing—especially for kids. It’s funny and engaging, but manages to do so without sacrificing spiritual insight. I’d go as far as to say, in terms of bathroom devotionals, it’s number one.

Deb Hetherington, Sr. Account Manager & Developer

Deb’s pick: Rufus and His Angry Tail

Why: A dog + his horn + a sheep + her mud pies + an expressive tail that wags, droops, bristles, twists, prickles, shakes, and relaxes = a fun tale of how we can move from feeling angry to feeling peaceful with God’s help.

Erin Gibbons, Recourse Developer

Erin’s pick: For the Beauty of the Earth

Why: If you’re seeking to know the heart of God, just look out at God’s creation! As a summer camper and camp staff member, my faith has been strongly influenced by time in nature. This book features beautiful illustrations of the world and brings to life the words of the age-old hymn for kids and grown-ups alike. Each time I read it, I wish I could dive right into the pages.

Bryan Schmidt, Product Marketer

Bryan’s pick: The Frolic First Bible

Why: The Frolic First Bible is by far the most exciting Bible for the youngest of kids. To this day, it is my nephew’s favorite book!

Thanks to all those at Sparkhouse Family that work tirelessly to create these favorited books – and thanks to you all for supporting us in this ministry!

Happy reading,

The Sparkhouse Family Team

Originally Published 8/03/2017