Making Christmas Meaningful at Hello Dearest

Mother and son reading together on porch
Mother and son reading together on porch

(Post excerpted from the MOPS blog featuring Sparkhouse Family.)

What is the first thing you remember about your childhood Christmas celebrations? Grandma baking pies in the kitchen? Dad stringing lights around the tree? Caroling with a church or school group?

Odds are you have some stand out memories from your family’s yearly holiday gatherings. And chances are your kids will too.

But knowing kids lock away lifelong memories also puts on a little pressure. How do we make sure that the memories we leave them with are warm and grace-filled rather than busy and hectic?

Celebrate the Christmas story.

The joy of Christmas goes much deeper than a gift wish list. Help your kids engage with the real meaning of the season by…

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Originally Published 11/11/2015

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