Follow Up on the Sparkhouse Family Fair

sparkhouse family box
Did you host a Sparkhouse Resource Fair?

Sparkhouse Resource Fairs are book fairs that feature Sparkhouse Family books, Bibles, and videos designed for use in the home. These fairs are hosted by volunteering local churches.

If you didn’t get in on the fun of the Resource Fair this year, follow along here on the blog for more information on the next opportunity to host one. But, if you did participate in the resource fair, here are a few reminders for how to process your orders.

Thanks for sharing in the Sparkhouse Family Fun!

Next steps for you!

  1. Collect payment from all of the families in your church who placed an order.
  2. Make sure your order form is complete.
  3. Call our Sales & Service team at 1-800-960-9705 to place the order. Tell them how many individual orders you took and remind them to apply promo code FAIR2015 to your order so that your church receives free shipping.
  4. Keep the order form that you filled out! You’ll need to refer to it when your church’s order arrives.
  5. When you receive the shipment, sort each individual order into a Sparkhouse Family bag (the bags are free and will be included in the shipment) and deliver to the families who ordered.

All Sparkhouse Family Resource Fair orders must be placed by 11/30/15.


Originally Published 11/10/2015

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