Book Fairs Are Back!

Our goal at Sparkhouse Family is to equip parents, grandparents, caregivers, church leaders, etc. with fun, charming, and faith-filled books that kids and families can enjoy. And for us, we always want to make it as easy as possible to get our books into the hands of little ones.

That is why we started our children’s Book Fair program. And that is why we just launched a brand-new website for our Book Fair program as well. This new launch of our Book Fairs makes it so anyone (yes, you!) can host a Book Fair at anytime.

Whether you want a Christian Book Fair at your church, school, moms group, or other organization, you can sign up now to get free books, pass along great resources at great prices to the families you know, and keep 20% of what you sell.

Why would you want to host a Book Fair?

-Get free resources: All the books that come as your Book Fair display are yours to keep.

-Connect with your community: Hosting a Book Fair is a great way to connect with children and families in your area.

-A great fundraiser: Keep 20% of whatever you sell! A Book Fair can be a great fundraiser for your church, school, or organization.

So, do you have a fun event (Rally Day, fall festival, Christmas, etc.) already planned for your church, school, or friends? Pair a Sparkhouse Family Book Fair with your event, or do it on its own!

Learn more about Book Fairs and sign up to host here.

P.S. Are you not the Book Fair person or decision-maker? Pass this download along to the decision-maker then!