6 Reasons to Host a Christmas Book Fair

It might seem early, but we all know once October arrives Christmas is here in what seems like a week.

  1. It’s free.  For real. We send you a box of free books. You get to keep them, no strings attached.
  2. It’s easy. We send you customizable marketing pieces to help you get the word out about your Book Fair. From beginning to end, we make hosting simple. It’s more fun that way.
  3. It helps you connect with your community. Get to know the families and children in your area.
  4. It’s a fundraiser. You get to keep 20% of what you sell. Merry Christmas to you!
  5. The prices are right. Shoppers at your Book Fair receive special discounts AND free shipping on award-winning books.
  6. It’s a chance to win. Shoppers and hosts are entered to win a monthly cash drawing.

Whether you host at your church, school, neighborhood, or mom’s group, we are here to help make your experience fun and rewarding.

Have more questions? Email us at bookfair@sparkhouse.org.

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