3 Reasons to Host a Book Fair this Christmas

It’s that time of year again: Christmas season before Halloween. While seeing Christmas sales in store fronts is not always welcome in October, sometimes it’s nice to know about Christmas opportunities ahead of time so you can plan for them. One of those opportunities is hosting a Community Book Fair. Hosting is easy and fun, but it is also rewarding and helpful during the Christmas season. Here are just three reasons to host a Book Fair this year:

In the spirit of giving

Are you raising money for a particular cause this holiday season? Book fairs can function as fundraisers to help you raise more! When you host a Book Fair you get to keep 20% of your earnings when you sell over $200. Plus, get entered to win a cash drawing. Get into the spirit of giving by putting the money toward a community fundraiser, or toward valuable resources as you see fit.

Quality books for your community

Community Book Fairs provide a personalized, special shopping experience by providing a convenient and rich holiday shopping opportunity to meet many peoples’ gift-giving needs! Give people the chance to shop an array of quality titles–special holiday-themed titles, children’s books, or adult titles that enhance wellness and well-being. Plus, you get to keep the FREE books that come in your display kit! Use them as gifts, build up your community’s library, donate them, or something else…whatever you choose, Merry Christmas!

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For the love of books

Why not come together around BOOKS this holiday season? While specially selected books make great gifts, sharing the love of reading can also be a great gift to communities! Whether you host at your church, school, neighborhood, or mom’s group, come together around the power of books this holiday season.

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